Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

January, 2021

Tellin’ It Like It Is

The vast majority of Trump supporters Are those who affirm right over wrong. And surely it is not the majority of citizenryWhich always gets it right! The anti-abort GOP has to fight, No matter their numbers, And they need not submit to perverted Democrats just because the advocates Of evil are greater in power. Justice […]

Moses Went From Moab

Now Moses went from MoabAll the way to Mt. Nebo Even to the top of Pisgah! Must have been a drag ya know?But the Lord showed him the land Oh, a lot to beat the band! Naphtali, Ephraim, ManassehCould hold a lot o’ cribs, yessah! But Moses couldn’t go there He broke up those Commandments […]

Fellow House Dwellers

Gone the Fellow House Dwellers Did they fly away? Suddenly we realize Gone they are all day! Kids up and left. Found new cribs to live In with husbands, indeed! Oh, they did grow up, Gone and on their own. Got their own telephone Even a whole new address Where they make their own mess […]

Pure Praise

Pure praise comes from the lips Of the one who knows he was chosen. Left to himself he would serve himself Found his own philosophy of life, Chose his own way, his own wife, Go about living his days By his own whims and ways But having been called from above By God who displayed […]

Jeshurun’s Scorn

Jeshurun did scorn The Rock of his salvation, Made the Lord mad with abomination. Yeah, they did spurn and provoke And the Almighty said no joke “You blokes are done Gonna send you on a run, A perverse and faithless generation, A God-provoking, foolish nation.” Got a fire going in His anger Famine and plagues […]

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