Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

“Skins” Is Out?

“Skins” Is Out? 
You cheer for those bombers!
Like you cheer for the Orioles
Or maybe you like those Red Skins,
Football is your game.
Yeah, “Go bombers!” you gotta say,
‘Cause at the end of the day
(Said, when it’s all over)
The heads of those babies mean more
Than those Skins crossing the goal line.
Oh, “Skins” is out?  Too offensive!
O yeah, we got to be sensitive!
Got to watch what not to say all day
(What was that about blood?)
O forget that talk about babies;
Got games to watch with the ladies!
Go Skins!  (What do they call them now?)
Anyway, got no time to talk about
All that blood and gore – and the poor.
Gimme that TV, that idol!
Sure beats readin’ the Bible.

1755 on 11 Jan., 2021

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