Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Absurdity of Impeachment

As the party of holocaust, the Democrats are unfit to rule.  The places in the power of many of their number are utterly disgrace travesties.

 We are a nation of baby butchers giving respect to the advocates of the same – viz., the Democratic party, an active, un-censured party which continues to be regarded as legitimate. 

For this Nazi-like party of baby killers to boastfully attack President Trump, the defender of the innocents, over some idiotic charges about his association with Ukrainians, one is left with awe and wonder!  How can it be that the party of genocide thinks itself so morally equipped to judge the President for an alleged improper association with some foreigners?

But that is the case with sin.  It is blind to ethics, to truth, to righteousness.  It is perverted.   A big log remains in the eye of Leftdom, while they gouge out a speck from the eye of an excellent anti-abortion President.

12 Jan., 2021

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