Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Jeshurun’s Scorn

Jeshurun did scorn
The Rock of his salvation,
Made the Lord mad with abomination.
Yeah, they did spurn and provoke
And the Almighty said no joke
“You blokes are done
Gonna send you on a run,
A perverse and faithless generation,
A God-provoking, foolish nation.”
Got a fire going in His anger
Famine and plagues and bitter destruction
Gonna take out young and old
The cowards and the bold.
Gonna waste them in the teeth of beasts
And by the venom of things that crawl.
Yeah, the Lord will do it all
‘Cause their vine is the vine of Sodomy
And their fields are of Gomorrah.

0800 on 9 Jan, 2020 (re Deut. 32)

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