Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

February, 2020

Power and Authority are His

22 Feb., 2020    The Evil One has come to steal Life and joy from those Who belong to Him WhoDied for them Forever putting down that sin Which would separate us From our Maker, Savior and Lord. So he prowls about as if he were Something to fear and from whom To flee. Be we […]

Buttigieg’s Gig

Buttigieg’s gig is baby-gigging, Dig? He has no sense of right or wrong Like the hippies with the bong He get’s his wisdom from the popular song He knows not what is right and good Dreams up his own ethics Like the boys in the ‘hood Whatever seems good is good Like the Dems He […]

Of the Wanderers

They walk the streets Head phones in place Pates turned down with a Beanie atop Diggin’ some music And lovin’ that dope Pissing away a life That was given By God for more Than just to wander About the streets and Crashing in the landing Never to know What it was for Him to adore […]

A Disciple of Cortez, We Wish!

4 Oct., 2019 Why must we be inconvenienced by this liberal – Ocasio-Cortez – who can’t abide the two-become-one-and-assume-the name-of-the-man tradition known as marriage?  (Such goofy rejection of the sanctity of traditional marriage by Ocasio-Cortez brings shame on that noble name, the conqueror of the Aztecs – those heathen who sacrificed human beings to their […]

The Sordid Judges of the Righteous

19 February, 2020 Consider the benighted prosecutors and judges who execute judgment against  clinic bombers, and slayers of baby murderers (a.k.a. abortionists and, as the prevaricative expression goes, those good doctors who were just “doing their job”!)  Sick puppies, indeed.  But how will they fare on that Day.  That day of Judgment will not be […]


January 2020 after the death of Matthew We live, we dieHe lived, He died.He rose again.He spoke the truth,Said we will Like Him rise.And who is wiseTo shun those liesThat tell us we are butDust in the wind? Remembering a nephew departed, we proclaim: He lives.

February Februation!

17 February, 2020 Oh February!  What a Dark Past You Have! The Februarius Mensis, the cleansing month, so-called because of the festival Februa (see februum: “religious purification” and Februa, the Roman feast of purification held on 15 February) reminds us of the pagan past from which Western (and especially Christian) civilization emerged.   (Thanks be to […]

A Letter

0830, 8 Feb., 2020 A letter is so much better A phone call is spoken and The words are heard and gone But the letter is so much better! You cut the envelope Unfold the paper You see, you touch it Again and again As oft as you like No end You see, you touch […]

A Parent’s Grief Imagined

10 Feb., 2020 The guests have gone Ceremonies and kinds words Are remembered Good people have done their duty And I mine. We all go back to our days Our ways are productive And we all have things to do But mine are in sorrow What do I spend them for? The chore of children […]

“Booty Gig.” Hmm. What has the Nation Come To?

6 Feb., 2020 After 47 years of baby-butchery (re: Roe of course), soon followed by the decriminalization of sodomy across the fruited plain, we cannot be surprised at the candidacy of a sodomite for President.   Yes, one Pete Buttigieg. No.  It doesn’t take a lot of hocus pocus to get such a deviant in that […]

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