Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Buttigieg’s Gig

Buttigieg’s gig is baby-gigging, Dig?
He has no sense of right or wrong
Like the hippies with the bong
He get’s his wisdom from the popular song
He knows not what is right and good
Dreams up his own ethics
Like the boys in the ‘hood
Whatever seems good is good
Like the Dems He is damned
Stuck with death in his breath
Blabbing foolishness in the ears
Of those itching to hear
The latest idiocy spoken
Rejecting the Law
Long ago spoken and written
Down for all to know and follow
Oh so hollow
The wits of those who imagine
What is right and true
Rejecting the prophets
Preferring to profit from their
Own dull wits
Dreaming up their own “truth”
And the One gave us the Law
Even the One who made Moses
Did come down to us and confirmed
The truth delivered by those He sent
Even those prophets who gallantly
Delivered the message
Oh the folly of those who would lead
Ignorant of that revelation
Even that salvation for all mankind
Found in none other than the
Risen One!

22 Feb. 2020

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