Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

“Booty Gig.” Hmm. What has the Nation Come To?

6 Feb., 2020

After 47 years of baby-butchery (re: Roe of course), soon followed by the decriminalization of sodomy across the fruited plain, we cannot be surprised at the candidacy of a sodomite for President.   Yes, one Pete Buttigieg.

No.  It doesn’t take a lot of hocus pocus to get such a deviant in that big white house for POTUS.  The people are well caught up in their delusional view of a world which has no Law, no standard for truth, no moral foundation, no divine revelation, no  Commandments. 

The murder of babies and the lauding of sodomy is in full progression.

Anything goes.  Use your imagination.  There are no limits.  No restraints.  Whatever you think is right, is right.  And the law?  Well, the law is a “human institution” – so we think – and can be changed as the blowing of the wind.  Nothing permanent and certainly nothing, well – “divine.”  (What is that, anyway, evolutionarily and materialistically speaking?!?!)

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