Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

A Disciple of Cortez, We Wish!

4 Oct., 2019

Why must we be inconvenienced by this liberal – Ocasio-Cortez – who can’t abide the two-become-one-and-assume-the name-of-the-man tradition known as marriage?  (Such goofy rejection of the sanctity of traditional marriage by Ocasio-Cortez brings shame on that noble name, the conqueror of the Aztecs – those heathen who sacrificed human beings to their gods long ago in Mexico.   Indeed, the original Cortez did, by his conquest, clear the way for Christian civilization to make its way to the south-western hemisphere! He did something, by the providence of God, that was right.)

But this woman, this neo-Cortez, feverishly calls for cannibalizing of human babies in order to help offset all the insufferable damage which was caused – the earth-worshiping left alleges – by human population growth.

Cortez, the conqueror of old,  did indeed expand Christian civilization, despite his brutal conquest of vicious pagans.  But this neo-Cortez would take the world in the opposite direction.   Neo-Cortez would turn the tables, apparently, and obliterate the current civilization by advancing the genocide of  innocent children!  (Well, maybe, this Cortez is working in a similar way after all!  These heathen in America who would make a practice of sacrificing their children to the god of Convenience by the deceit of “abortion rights” are living like those bloody Aztecs, freely offering up their own children to death.)   This current Cortez brings genocide to a new level in modern, supposedly civilized, times.

And how awesome.   The genocide of the descendants of the invading Europeans is brought by themselves upon themselves;  they butcher their own!  Those Aztecs must be laughing at us from wherever they are as they wait that Judgment and the divine vengeance which will make all things right.

“Liberaldom” is indeed dumb.  Ocasio is a good representation of the folly of the Godless who look away from the eternal truths of God’s word and seek in vain to find guidance from their own particular ethnic irrelevancies.  Indeed, national origins mean nothing in terms of a source for Truth and Justice.  That information comes by revelation, the Word as delivered by the prophets to Israel and by the apostles and the Messiah, to the churches of God. 

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