Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Sordid Judges of the Righteous

19 February, 2020

Consider the benighted prosecutors and judges who execute judgment against ¬†clinic bombers, and slayers of baby murderers (a.k.a. abortionists and, as the prevaricative expression goes, those good doctors who were just “doing their job”!)¬†

Sick puppies, indeed.  But how will they fare on that Day.  That day of Judgment will not be a pretty one.  No, all their security in presiding and ruling and judging the “offenders” will be ripped away from them.  They will look into the face of the One who made those little ones whom the prisoners – the convicts, the “offenders” – rescued from death

Oh what a Day that will be!  They, without their robes and court-room accouterment and security and glory and honor, will themselves be laid bare before the evidence.  Pictures, played live in heavenly empowered visuals, will be displayed before them and the jury of holy angels.

Oh, you who have sent the righteous defenders of the innocents to prison because you were just doing your job, what will you say to Him who made those innocent ones?  They were made by the Lord of glory who created them by His own hand and in His own image.   And you presume to judge and punish those who defended the innocents from death?

Fools!  Your lives are in the balance and your are outweighed by the heavy evidence.  You will go down as those who protected the butchers of innocents.  You were aiders and abettors, even participants in America’s damnable genocide.

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