Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Power and Authority are His

22 Feb., 2020   

The Evil One has come to steal
Life and joy from those
Who belong to Him Who
Died for them
Forever putting down that sin
Which would separate us
From our Maker, Savior and Lord.
So he prowls about as if he were
Something to fear and from whom
To flee.

Be we are not so ruffled by his howls
As he leaves us when we hold fast
To the One who made all things
Again new after they fell
In the wake of that sin
Which our father, Adam contrived.

We stand not as his descendants
Alone and without hope of adoption.
We are not orphaned
But bought with the mighty
Blood of the Lamb
And that Lamb, slain
Could not be kept dead.
By the power and command
Of the Father
The Spirit came down and raised Him
Up out of that grave with triumphant power
Never, never, never
(I said NEVER!)
To be taken down again

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