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Sanctity of Human Beings

Michael Hirsh: a personal letter to an inquirer

Michael Hirsh an anti-abortion activist who practices law (beginning with the defense of Paul Hill, his first case) wrote me the following on 26 Oct., 2017: A guy (whom I don’t know) heard that I have 13 children.  He wrote me, asking “Do you feel that your actions [having 13 children] are based in selfishness? […]

The Single “Issue” and Trump

7 Feb., 2017 A false parity between “the right” and “the left” continues now into the middle of the fifth decade. I have in mind of course the “abortion issue.” It is not true that those on each side ought to respect one another’s opinion and patiently wait for a peaceful outworking of “differences.”  We […]

Frederick Douglass Redux

9 March, 2015 “There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices, more shocking and bloody, than are the people of these United States, at this very hour.” So said Frederick Douglas of the United States a decade before the Civil War. And so might any of the last eight presidents of the […]


Michael Bray Capitol Area Christian News Spring, 1997 Kevorkian So what happened to that loyal fellow in Southfield, Michigan who was arrested for allegedly wanting to terminate the terminator last fall? (Reuters, 21 Sept, 1996). The report said the 39-year-old man from Leetonia, Ohio attempted, indeed, to terminate Kevorkian to save Michigan man who was […]

Justifiable Homicide News

Michael Bray Capitol Area Christian News Spring, 1997 Justifiable Homicide News It is good to recall contemporary applications of the principle of justifiable homicide which seems to become a foggy notion in the minds of those who refuse to hear its application to a certain contemporary situation. We refer, of course, to the case of […]

Tax Money for Stem-cell Research

Michael Bray 11 August 2001 Why have we traditionally put to death animals who kill human beings? A tiger in a zoo who by his instincts and through no fault (he has no moral being) kills a child; we kill the tiger. Why do we allow doctors to study only cadavers which are donated by […]

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