Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Terrorism – of God and Men

Practical Executions?

Of course!  Generally assuming the ability and resources were there to properly carry out justice, one must consider what would be right to do in a case where the means are not available to carry out ideal justice!  The comment offered by George, Lord Halifax, which I cite from the Harper Book of Quotations, says: […]

Vote!  Or . . .

Vote with your hands, feet, gas, and matches; It’s the fast way to save those babies; Most effective and refreshing too. It shows there’s a way to get ‘er done When others want to sit on their thumbs. Take a load off your mind and get out o’ that bind. You don’t need to just […]

Gonna Shave that Head, Legs and Face!

(Isaiah 7:20 and 8:13) Gonna shave that head, legs and face! What about the chest, arms and groin? Well, don’t ya know what’s goin’ on? Got humiliation comin’ down! Shavin’ those places all covered; Bring some disgrace on those mothers Of sons who want to do wrong Shavin’ everything but that “dong”! Oh, it’s a […]


A Place Fit For (Fools, Ignoramuses, Rebels, and Egotists) What, essentially, is a sinner? A person fit for the fire, A Foolish, Ignorant, Rebellious Egotist; One who the worship of God resists.He imagines himself in need of no God; Thinks there’ll be no eternal rod;Passes off Jesus as a piece of lore; Ignores Him like […]

Parasite Property Owners

They buy property, especially houses, and invest as little as possible; just enough to sustain the house so that it does not deteriorate.  Otherwise, they have no interest in living in the neighborhood and building social bonds with anyone.   The house may be a mess and even a haunt for the occasional derelict drifter who […]

“Rapture” Fantasies and the World’s Salt

What if all Muslims were taken away (“raptured” out o’ here!)? What impact would that have upon the world?  Good?  Bad? Might depend upon where and what the alternatives were.  Under a Godless tyrant it might be good to have some Muslim comrades to resist him.  So some places would fare worse.  Similarly countries dominated […]

Truth and War

Swords and Shields was war up close and personal: You see the eyes of a person as he diesUnder the blows of your sword; No distancing death from your view. You do what you got to do; It is either he or you. And now we think less grimly of war, Carried out at distances […]

Buck Up States!

Buck up states and enforce your laws! (Though you never should have bowed to the feds Would you bow to a Nazi decree? Then why to the feds did you bend the knee?) So now that Roe has been dumped Do some good before you get thumped By some twisted, new-fangled legislation Putting boldly into […]

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