Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Terrorism – of God and Men

Endless Dancing

Thank you Lord, for the Truth you stored In the minds of those holy prophets! They preached to and taught those peoples And in their honor were erected steeples To remind the world of works well done, Marshaling the followers of the Son To bring the news that  everyone needs By works of service and […]

The Boastful Fool

Pity the woman in such desperation As to kill her very own child, That gift from heaven above Wrought by God in that womb with love. But may God damn the killer, That abortionist – a truth contortionist, Who tells her, “It’s all about choice!” And boasts of giving her freedom a voice. He’s a […]


Neither SCOTUS nor POTUS Gave the Law! God Almighty did, Dig it kid? It ain’t up to you To tear the Law down Throw the Commands of GodTo the ground! So get up off your ass, Get movin’ real fast, Gotta tear those abortuaries down! Yeah, we’re talkin’ ’bout a rapid pace! Got to get […]

Brockhoeft, Beseda, and Bray

Brockhoeft, Beseda and Bray A trio who had their own way. Each had his very own day In the light when the feds came down. Caught ’em after chasin’ ’em around. Well, you could call them the Triple Bs Setting “clinics” on fire to save babies. Call them whatever you choose; They got nothin’ to […]

Find Your Own Way

Don’t like what I say? Can’t stand the way I play? Maybe it’s your turpitude That gives you such an attitude! Get up off your back And clean up your own act Don’t like the way I do it? Come on!  You can intuit! Find your own way to do Right. You can dream and […]

The Corona Plague

In this year of our Lord 2021, I think back 50 years to my short time at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.  It was a place just 15 miles from my home in Bowie, where I had been adorned with various accolades involving the sport of wrestling and took Kathie Lee (then […]

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