Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Some Sick Puppies

We think we have graduated to some higher ethical plain above our slave-owning or slavery-tolerating American citizens of the ante-bellum era.  

Or we think we have exceeded the morality of those who tolerated the segregation days which followed until ML King came along and raised a stink! 

Nah!  We haven’t risen above them. We are worse!  We have the knowledge in abundance of their errors but a blindness toward our own filthy sinning.  We tolerate not the relatively civilized practice of slavery and segregation, but the barbaric, decadent practice of child-slaughter by abortion!  Still legal and available from sea to shining sea!

Pledge alliance? 

Nah.  Don’t count on it.  We deserve a good conquering.

Pax in Him and His law only!


8 Feb., 2023

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