Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

When the Law of God is Abandoned

When Christians of a nation
Forsake their alliance around the Law,
Sodomites rise and take their place
Forming a union around their freedom
To abominate the land with their sin,
All in the name of a new kind of liberty.
Selfish perversion is the new core:

The value is cherished by the decadent.
It is a blasphemy, indeed, a capital crime.
And yet it is proclaimed as a sacred “right”
Protected by officers of the laws of men
Decreed by fools adorned in their robes
Fancying themselves to be the dictators
Of new laws to supersede those of God Himself.

And yet this is what a nation brings to itself
When it abandons the Law of God
In exchange for the foolish decrees of a “Court.”
Not content with the “freedom of choice”
To abort a child from the womb of his mother,
It moves on to new horizons and depths
Of depravity beyond the imagination.

1035 on 7 Dec., 2022

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