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Let the Trump Sound Forth

20 Jan., 2017 Gary Brock gave the nation a good exhortation regarding the Leftist’s anti-Trump divisive animus. He said, “I hope the level of unreasonable divisiveness and anger will end soon; for the sake of our country and our people” (WNJ, 20 Jan., 2017). In the same Journal issue the “Our View” editorial, “Trump: A […]

Jayne Bray letter to Wilmington News Journal

1 Nov., 2007 Wilmington News Journal 47 S. South St. Wilmington, OH 45177 Dear Editor, We were to be removed from our home yesterday, 30 days after the 1 October invasion by federal marshals.  But on Monday, the Court allowed us to remain at least until our home is auctioned.  On that first day of […]

An Open Letter to Senator Carey:

29 November, 2005  I read your essay on stem cell research in the Wilmington Journal today.  I was happy to see that your vote was consistent with the religious proposition that innocent human life is worthy of protection; I was sorry to read, however, that you would make your vote dependent upon the people’s will.  […]

Pastor Feldmeyer’s Beef with the “Literalists”

12 October 2006 Mr. Feldmeyer offered us counsel against the buffoonery of those in the persuasion of the naive “biblical literalist” (WNJ, 6 Oct., 2006). I was disappointed.  But not surprised. Mr. Feldmeyer, the Pastor of Wilmington UMC, inveighed against a “biblical literalist” pastor in Watertown, New York who was attempting to apply the biblical […]

The Horror of Water Boarding

15 October, 2006 Dear Editor,  Whom would Rev. Feldmeyer torture (Journal, 13 October, 2006)? Let us define what we mean by “torture.”  Less amorphous is this definition of torture: “the ripping of appendages from a body, the slicing of a live un-anesthetized body into parts, and the crushing of the skull.”  That simple definition describes, […]

Budgets and Babies in Anno Domini 2013

4 January, 2013 Dear Editor, It is often difficult for people to see the folly of their own times.  German philosophers speak of the Zeit Geist (the “time ghost” or “spirit of the time”) in which certain prejudices take root and fads prevail to the point of radically, even if temporarily, altering the mindset of […]

Of Double Standard “Atrocity” Critics

19 May, 2004 Dear Editor, I was grateful for the rebuke from Bob Robinson of “the Left” – he did not so name them- (see “Modern day My Lai a Hypocrisy,” WNJ, 19 May).  There are those who hypocritically find atrocities in anything our soldiers did in Viet Nam while overlooking the super-holocaust deeds of […]

Newtown and the Mayans

My local paper expresses the same intrigue that seems to possess the nation:  Mass murders and apocalyptic Mayan speculations.  Page 4 of the [Wilmington News] Journal on the eve of destruction (20 December) features an AP article, “Newtown demands we change,” which, as one might expect, calls for a crack-down on access to weapons.  Another […]

RINO Riley, Labeled

Michael Bray 1 September 2012 “I reject all labels,” says Mayor Riley. He does, however, accept “Republican” in a county which the polls continue to show to be host to a Republican majority. Considering his ideology as penned by himself in “GOP, Dems should not fight over healthcare” (WNJ, 27 August,2012), perhaps it is a matter […]

Islam and Century 21 American Liberalism

1 February, 2008 Editor Wilmington News Journal Barry Jude is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Kettering, a suburb of Dayton, Ohio. He is the only pastor to speak out at a zoning hearing on January 10 against the recently proposed construction of a mosque. His outrageous remarks, in the eyes of good […]

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