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Author of A Time To Kill

Snarr, Civil Rights, and THE Issue at Hand

22 Feb., 2017

As reported by Neil Snarr in the Journal (21 Feb., 2017) there was in Wilmington an  anti-slavery newspaper published from 1851-1855, The Herald of Freedom, edited  one John W. Chaffin.  I was delighted to read about it.

To the glory of Biblical truths and justice and to the credit of these Christian publishers, the periodical was titled, “Allegiance to God and Alliance to Universal Humanity.”  And Mr. Snarr commended those who brought reform to South Africa.  Sadly, the ending of apartheid also yielded the destruction of the nation’s economy and the lives of members of all races to the point that most folks – black and white – declared, even decades afterward, that life was better under apartheid.  But such, of course, is the cost of justice.

(My point exactly when certain critics complain against, for example, “anti-abortion violence.” The forceful establishment of justice on the part of earnest citizens sometimes disturbs the livelihoods and neighborhoods of other . . .  What? “Ex-utero products of conception”? But we digress.)

Just as we may pay tribute to our city’s role in the past, however small, in the effort to campaign against human bondage the misery of those in by the use of the pen as they endured their plight or escaped (per more radical solution if the law-breaking Underground Railroad), so we ought to commend the churches and citizens of Wilmington for its current efforts to mitigate the ongoing national abortion holocaust by means of its New Life Clinic.  The Clinic’s service displays an extension of the motto adopted by The Herald of Freedom.  Again:  “Allegiance to God and Alliance to Universal Humanity.”  The services of New Life are those of education and assistance toward the goal of persuading and aiding women in the decision to bring their children into the world rather than into death.

Wilmington thus continues to be a city of light, of mercy, and of justice.  Services are provided (paid for by churches and other  private Christian donors and volunteers) by the people voluntarily.

Yes, the children in the womb are, indeed, created in God’s image and if we regard His word as Truth, we know that people are worth more than dogs and cats.  And if we wish to act in obedience to His will, we will love our neighbor as ourselves.  We will protect our neighbor as we would wish to be protected.

Now if someone were about the rip us or a relative or neighbor to death, we should hope that another would at least raise in objection or, if unable to do so, provide us some temporary shelter or a place to hide. These would seem to be self-evidently just actions.

But it was difficult to fight with the law then as it is today with that bastion of old men in robes known as SCOTUS. (Hence, revolutions, etc., but we digress.) Those Supremes in D.C. hold formidable authority.  They command the power of the federal government and have many-a prison, penitentiary, and FCI  in which to lock up dissident citizens.  Moreover, they have had – during many of the past 44 years of the holocaust – complicit Congresses and Presidents as well.

In deference to this infamous Judiciary, Congress passed the despicable FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrance) in 1995, which, as if to parallel the Fugitive Slave Law of the previous century, reinforced legislatively what the judicial Branch had determined in the likewise infamous Roe v. Wade decision of 1973.  The euphemistically titled FACE  legislation specifically targeted those Americans for heavy punishment who were intervening at abortion “clinics” (more accurately described as “Auschwitzes”) to directly save lives.  In other words the legislation reflected the need for Congress to reinforce the decree of the courts which had unilaterally decriminalized abortion, declaring what was (historically and ethically) a Wrong to be Right.

It seems to me that ethical exigencies of the slaughter of innocents ought to be brought forth in urgency above that of the anti-slavery movement and certainly far above that of taking “Occupied Palestine” out of the hands of “invader” Jews.  The latter is surely an issue diminished in urgency by its subject as well as its distance. Over there.  And how, moreover, does one ask for hackles to be raised over “Temperance” when the basic issue of slaughtering a child in the womb is so meagerly addressed?

Really! A chap needs a little wine occasionally to drown his sorrows as his nation continues well into the bloody fifth decade of child-slaughter.


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