Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Single “Issue” and Trump

7 Feb., 2017

A false parity between “the right” and “the left” continues now into the middle of the fifth decade. I have in mind of course the “abortion issue.” It is not true that those on each side ought to respect one another’s opinion and patiently wait for a peaceful outworking of “differences.”  We are not talking about the price of tea or the legitimacy of union strikes or the right of eighteen year-old soldiers to vote.  If abortion is an “issue,” it stands as THE ONLY issue. One cannot condemn the destruction of property, revolution, or war when such deeds are appropriated to the end that this legal, tax-funded holocaust be stopped.  There are no higher political priorities.  And those on the other side are not to be respectfully granted their equally valid opposing viewpoint.  They are wrong and we need not wait for them to be convinced of the fact before we rescue innocents.

The lives of innocents ought not be sacrificed to a peaceful and respectful effort to persuade the ignorant of the reality of the impending death of the innocents by abortion.

Such is the meaning of our “issue.”

To illustrate the point: I am walking down the street with my family of six children and at the intersection a car has run past a stop sign and overrun a pedestrian family of six – two parents with their twins in a carriage and two others in tow.   I stop and all my attention and concern is focused upon those victims.  And when one of my children is crying because he wet his pants, I do not turn my attention to my own whining child.  I don’t even avert my eyes to him.  I am properly, dutifully focused otherwise –  namely, upon the priority of delivering life-saving care to those human victims in absolute need.

The exigencies of the abortion holocaust are skewed by our own distraction from this emergency by other extraordinarily lesser issues: global warming, economic instability, housing, immigration rights, sexual liberty (“orientation,” “identity,” et al buffoonery), and citizenship.

Such asininity is comparable to putting slavery on parity with the price of cotton. (“Them damn northerners got no business jackin’ up the tariffs on cotton!” the Southern man argued;  it is much worse.)  But on the holocaust scale,  the slaughter of innocents (for 44 years) far exceeds the man stealing and enslavement of Africans. Yes, sexual lust and avarice have fed both calamities.  But many more gallons of innocent blood have been shed in the current holocaust than were poured out in all our wars combined.

To reduce this abiding murderous apostasy to a simple political issue of the “right” versus the “left” – a simple parity, each side, by virtue of being opposite the other demanding some sort of status of equal (“two sides to every issue!”) legitimacy – is not just absurd folly; it is wrong.  Immoral.  There are not two respectable sides here.  Both sides are not right.  There is no parity with Right and Wrong.  There is polarity.  And the sooner those who know the Right in this case assert this self-evident Truth – the sanctity of the human in the womb – the better.  And the longer we aid and abet this lie of parity between two “points of view” on a “social issue” with  overdone civility and peaceful intercourse, the greater the Wrong.

Those who would follow the Right must take on a new attitude which might be expressed thusly: “On this subject – the slaughter of children in the womb – no quarter may be given to opponents. No patience. No tolerance. We must abolish it now by any means necessary.”

A few decades ago, I went to prison for allegedly taking such “radical” (or “intolerant” or “extremist,: etc.) action.  I have in recent years had the mind that this nation was beyond recovery.  That we were, perhaps, “under the ban,” as it were, Biblically speaking – irredeemable.  Rejected.  Full of innocent blood and following an inevitable course of apostasy.  In recent years, I held no hope for nation – as it is –  while content to remain as His witness in some fashion – such as rearing good Christian kids (which, by His grace and my wife, we have). I did retain an optimism for God’s will and renewal of society following the standard divine judgments that bring nations to repentance.  We might rise from the rubble.   Or not. Humanity would go on in this or that degraded condition and a new Reformation (no offense to my RC friends) might arise in, perhaps, a distant time to come.

But upon the arrival of Trump I have been infused with a hope that we may actually be led to repentance and renewal and that God may yet spare us our well-deserved national destruction!   Indeed, maybe His forbearance will bear fruit as we repent, and we may yet survive as a nation.  Time will tell.  And we know that with Him all things are possible.

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