Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Let the Trump Sound Forth

20 Jan., 2017

Gary Brock gave the nation a good exhortation regarding the Leftist’s anti-Trump divisive animus. He said, “I hope the level of unreasonable divisiveness and anger will end soon; for the sake of our country and our people” (WNJ, 20 Jan., 2017).

In the same Journal issue the “Our View” editorial, “Trump: A President for all Americans (?)”,  exhorted the newly elected  President Trump on Inauguration Day (20 Jan) to “unify more than divide.”  Right.  Whatever than means.  The editorial intoned the spirit of the counselor: “We hope that President Donald J. Trump believes, and demonstrates that, he is everyone’s president.”

“Wow, man. Heavy. Like, I hope so too, man,” a thoughtless person might reply.  But let us think a moment.

Just what he means by these exhortations is nothing but blurry.  Meaningless.  Is Trump not the President of convicts?  Welfare bums who work the system?  Murderers in jail waiting trial?

Yes, the President of everyone.

So what! So what is the editor’s point?

Indeed, he does have some “special interest” or “oppressed minority” folks in mind. He mentions them specifically and impugns Trump in accordance with his own evident  personal interests as follows:

Trump, and his platform, and his nominees and their past actions and statements, have made it clear than anyone who is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender has a target on them. And any rights and gains they may have earned are in danger of being turned back as some may attempt to shove them back in the closet.

Well, our editor might be reminded that we have a little ditty that we sing as a nation from time to time with words of adoration and yearning to and about our nation, a paean: “And crown thy good with brotherhood, thy liberty in law!”

Law, indeed.  And that “law” is not something manufactured by SCOTUS. It is not an evolutionary body of guidelines bobbing upon  some molten, flowing river of moral chaos.  It is a divine standard – separating Right from Wrong.

The President is the chief executive and the enforcer of law. And those who pray for him ought to invoke the Almighty to strengthen him that he might pay close attention to moral law, indeed – Divine Law!  Those Ten Commandments.  Particularly the one about “adultery” which comprehends all the other sexual prohibitions: fornication, sodomy, and bestiality.  Such perversion belongs in closets where acts of shame are performed until they are repented of.  Not out in the public square and in our children’s faces.

Such laws forbidding perversion our nation had until a renegade Supreme Court stripped us of them.  We, like foolish sheep, have patently bowed to this renegade and treacherous “Supreme Court.”

Yes, we look to President Trump for relief. We have suffered the perversion of justice and the undermining of Law at the hands of the federal government long enough.

(Posted at the Wilmington News Journal here: http://wnewsj.com/opinion/letters/34250/law-not-manufactured-by-scotus)

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