Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Michael Bray
20 Feb., 2017

Why do we allow the trendy opinions of a couple Jews and apostate Gentile Christians rule the land – overthrowing the laws of God, the nation, and our cities? The evanescent feelings, mindset, or “opinions” of “the Court” – like the afflatus of an ass – will pass.  Law, however, must – and does – not, but at the peril of those nations who thus rebel against God.  Law – the Commandments; that very group of Ten referenced in the Apocalypse as the Ruler of the World, the Christ, is embarking upon His reign – is the standard for government in the world (cf. Rev. 11:18,19).  That law is the standard for all nations because He has the right to rule all nations.

There is no legitimate answer as to “Why?”! We ought not to allow the dissolution of our society through the foolish embrace of Lawless, Godlessness, mindless anarchy by so few.

Let us take the instance of the ongoing slaughter of children in the womb both by surgical and chemical means. Such damnable barbarism is the mere product of a “conception.”  Yes, it came as a (stupid) judicial “opinion” fresh  from the minds of a renegade tribunal of educated fools.  And that opinion was given truly undue and base submission by a “law-abiding” citizenry.  Yes, the American public bowed to the decrees of the tribunal as if Americans were subjects of czars and quite unwilling to question the ukases issued by tyrants.  And in so doing they made themselves traitors to their own Constitution which, on the contrary,  provides for Life, Liberty . . .  etcetera.

Truly!  A “law-abiding” population of traitors has for 44 years (not weeks, not months) submitted to the “opinion” of a renegade court! These “opinions” are not law and ought not to be treated as such.  Rather, when “opinions”  – so contrary to truth (and Law) are issued – they ought to be treated as edicts from a dictator – that is, with defiance – state by state, city by city.

Our system, at the federal level, bids the three the branches to fulfill their roles as separate powers. All authority does not reside in one branch.  And the “opinions” handed down by  SCOTUS are not the “rule of law.”  They are opinions, which, when in obviously bold contradiction to truth, law, and justice, ought to be treated as dung to be cast off with utter disdain.   Moreover, the authors of such a blasphemous opinion, which has suborned the morality of nation, ought to have been tarred, feathered, and excreted from the public realm for daring to propose such a despicable assault upon the national morality – not to mention the very Laws of God given by Moses himself.

How absurd! These “moralists,” these “Supremes” who sit regally in their robes of glory which derive their majesty not from the latest in trendy fashions but from the very robes of priests: those men of old who administered service to humanity on the basis of Law.  But no evolutionary law.  Our own history bears out the fact that our Fathers had overwhelmingly in mind and in the records of the Colonies the very Laws of God – the God of the Scriptures.

It was in the Law that they, ironically and errantly, rested their case for slavery. The people were convinced that slavery had divine approbation – the very Scriptures, the Law of God.  And indeed, slavery – not the manstealing slavery with which our system was embroiled – was permitted by the Scriptures!  (According to the Scriptures, a debtor who cannot pay what he owes his creditor is obliged to give him his labor;  he becomes his slave – for a limit of seven years – until his debt is paid.)  The great error – the sin – was the toleration of manstealing and the continued enslavement of not only a man but his whole family –  indefinitely!

It was a national sin. But to the ignorant, or at least those who trusted in their literate Bible teachers to teach them right from wrong, it was a system which seemed to be endowed with Biblical approbation, was ubiquitous in history and throughout the civilized world and, therefore,  seemed quite right.  It had, therefore, a kind of excusableness about it – in contrast to the current atrocity under discussion.

But is it possible that the slaughter of innocents today has a similar excusableness about it.? Are people unable to know that the life in the mother’s womb is a human?  A person?  Are they possibly ignorant of the evidence?  Ignorant of the fact of the sentience of the person in the womb?  The pictures?  The mass communication of information about embryonic development?

I don’t think so. Regardless of the depths of another’s ignorance, there are enough people who know better and who have no excuse for tolerating this holocaust.  And yet only people showing intolerance with any sense of urgency are the anti-Trump punks out throwing their puerile little fits because their hellish pro-abort Hillary lost the election!

20 months ago (30 Jun, 2016) I wrote my congressman as follows concerning the “Supremes”:

30 June, 2016

The Honorable Steve Stivers
211 S. 5th St.
Columbus, OH 43215

Re: sodomite “marriage”

Dear Sir,

What are titles all about? And when do men respect them and when not? Who are these men (or whatever) in robes?

Is SCOTUS the King? Is the Congress a pack of lap dogs of the Supremes?   When will  Congress refuse to appropriate money – its power – to a Court which refuses to recognize laws?

Turn out the lights! Close down the offices of the renegade court which subverts the laws of the land!

Desperate times call for desperate measures! And if we are not desperate by now when a debased judiciary is not only smiling upon the  despicable practice of sodomy but bestowing matrimonial dignity and sanctity upon this time-despised decadence, when shall we be?  Were there greater or more morally evoking impetuses for any war we have fought?

Awaken! Take action.

Refuse cooperation with SCOTUS until they rescind their blasphemous decrees on sodomy and marriage.


Michael Bray


Well, I haven’t heard a reply and I am still waiting for those in power to get ‘er done. In the meantime, if someone decides to start a revolution, I wouldn’t object.  But there are preliminary steps to be taken.  Defunding the federal government is a first step.  Restoration of States Rights is another.  Those serious steps toward reining in the current renegade, Godless, holocaust-promoting federal government would be “moderate” and “reasonable.”

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