Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Is Father Gilespie Some Kind of Whore?

Or is he just a coward?

Why give the Lord’s Supper to an unrepentant sinner? I.e., a sinner who continues in his sin without repentance?  Discipline for flagrant sinning is Christianity 101!

Good that folks at LifeNews are putting out this important information.  Biden ought to get no Supper from an authentic church.  What is with the Romanists?  No more discipline? 

Well, then, no more holiness. It is the Unholy RC Church! 

Get with it!  Repent and deny the sacrament to the unrepentant, murderous pervert, Joe Biden, or face your apostasy and the judgment which will come upon the Roman Church.

Soak it up and pass it on. 

3 July, 2021

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