Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Baggin’ That Dawg Dung

I see folks baggin’ ‘at dawg dung,
A strange sight to b’hold,
Treatin’ ‘at dung of a dog
As if it were just like gold,
Putting that crap in a bag
Just like is was somethin’ precious!
Seems like a little bit crazy,
But maybe I’m just lazy.
Yes, I think I got things to do
Better than to pick up doo-doo,
Treatin it like some treasure!
Maybe to some folks it’s a pleasure
To pick that that dung up in your hand
Where from that dog’s butt it did land.
Nah, you ain’t got to bag dat dog shit
It’s downright unnecessary!
Just fling it on over to the garden
Where it’s not under foot an’ scary.
Nothin’ to fear in ‘at dung;
Th’ow it to the edge and you’re done.
Leave in alone; you’re on the run.
Yeah, get on back t’ your fun!
Don’t make your dog-world a drag
Pickin’ up shit and puttin’ it in a bag!
Get on with livin’ the good life;
Don’t let dog doo cause you no strife.
Your life is gonna be alright;
You’ll be able to sleep at night;
Won’t be any doo-doo on your shoe
If you do what I’m tellin’ you to.

1115 on 29 June, 2021

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