Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

On Anarchy and General Disrespect of the Police

A convicted “clinic bomber,” arrested by police and jailed for 46 months and ten days, I have never held the police in disdain.  I believe they do their job as men who, deployed by higher authorities, must obey all LAWFUL commands.  And even when they, under the command of those in darkness and in ignorance of the conditions for such extraordinary deeds of the alleged offenders, do arrest a man for authentically righteous deeds, they are not to be despised. 

These punks, then, who denigrate police and call for their “defunding,” have no appreciation for the decadent condition of the fallen, sinful human race and the need for society’s citizens to be  restrained from doing evil.  This “species” – humanity – (the only “animal” endowed with the divine image – though, subsequent to the fall, morally corrupted by sin) requires fencing, correction, and punishment in order for justice to be maintained.

Do we foolishly abandon this fundamental understanding of the human condition? (It is the essential view of man held by Christian theologians down through the ages!)

The rejection of this view of mankind calls to mind a trip I made to a Greek island back in the early 70s.  Mykonos, at that time, had a beach frequented and  essentially taken over, socially, by American hippies who ran around naked attempting to inspire  some kind dreamy model of a  society liberated from sexual inhibition.  (Fresh out of the Naval Academy and free again to associate with the opposite sex, I was traveling all over Europe and interested in making a visit.  A brief scan of the internet finds no mention in the records of Mykonos of that brief, dreamy foolishness.  I suspect the efforts to establish a new natural beach for nudists just didn’t get the support of – civilized; i.e. Christian-influenced – society!)

We are a decadent race, fallen under the corruption of sin and rebellion against God and  that which is good.  We selfishly serve ourselves before God and consequently violate His law and abuse one another.

This natural tendency is well expressed currently by phenomenon of  anarchists calling for the defunding of police – i.e. the withdrawal of protection against evildoers. 

And what folly!  All people are naturally prone to sin, and the absence of restraint by law and order can result in nothing but chaos.  And, sadly, the solution to chaos is often brought by tyrants, who, in answer to a desperate population, restore order by whatever means necessary. And tyrants to what tyrants do.   

5 July, 2021

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