Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Amnon and Tamar

(2 Sam 13:10-31)

Amnon was a nasty fellow,
Was fornicatin’ with Tamar. (10)
Said, “Come lie with me sister.”
Said, “‘T would be a disgraceful thing!
If you want to get it on, go talk to the king.” (13)
But Amnon would not give a listen
Couldn’t wait to get on with that kissin’ (14)
And right after he jumped out of bed
He zipped up his pants and went out of his head!
His hate was greater than his love for her had been; (15)
Amnon was a wacko, it might be said,
And it wouldn’t be long before he’d be dead.
Another brother, Absalom, was lookin’ out
(Vengeance was his, let there be no doubt).
He kept his cool for another two years. (23)
In Baal-hazor he had some sheep shearers
And to that place invited all the king’s sons.
Had it in mind gonna kick some buns
And when Ammon was merry, full of wine, (28)
He commanded his servants to kill that swine.
And what was David to do with this news?
Well, he had to cry and tear his clothes!

0730 on 14 June, 2021

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