Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


It is a word from the pre-Christian Greek world.  And it is a window in the barbarism of that world.  The titular word – “ekthesis” – is defined by Liddell and Scott in their classic Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon (seven editions as of 1975) as follows:  “a putting out, exposing, of a child” – and the reference for the definition is to the esteemed authors of the times,  Herodotus and Euripedes.

These luminaries of that pagan world apparently did not blush as they spoke and wrote about their environment – their “culture” – using such terms.  Herodotus and Euripedes were blind.  They had no revelation from God.  They followed their own dark hearts, as many-a fool pop singer today urges his fans so to do.

Oh pagans of our modern and would-be enlightened times!  What can you say about your tolerance of such barbarism today?  You have such baby butchery occurring daily in all of your fifty states!  Because SCOTUS – those fools who would rule above God Himself – decreed it so!

Oh idiocy!  To bow to such blasphemy!  To submit to such “law” which has no moral legitimacy and commands no respect or submission.

Slaves.  Buffoons.  Evidently few Americans who dwell in this formerly honorable country have their heads on straight.  There is much to be done.  Never was there such a cause for revolution.  But who, where, and when might it take place?  We need a solution. We need salvation.  And it is not to be found on the moon.

Look to the Law of God.  Mind it.

13 Oct., 2020

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