Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Hope in Moses

Whether you lost a child by “natural” miscarriage or whether you mistreated your child in desperation or selfishness and committed an “abortion,” there is hope for you found in the words of God recorded by Moses.

In the book which has come down to us as “Deuteronomy” there is hope in the “life to come” – indeed, for the survival of little ones who die young in this life.  The “little ones” were excluded from the “ban” – which was a divine decree issued by God to Moses.  The ban required that those who had rebelled against God’s command to those under Joshua’s authority which was communicated by His authorized servant, Moses, were to be excluded from the inheritance – the land (see Deut. 1:39).

Yes, those little ones were excused.  And this exclusion provides hope for us who have little ones who die before they are baptized and receive the salvation message. So rejoice in God’s great mercy and in His word of hope for you and yours.

And woe to those who take this word of truth as a perverse excuse to rid themselves of a “burden” – a child, by means of “abortion” and assume they dispatch him to heaven.  What!  Claim security and good from such misdeeds?  Bah!  Lowdown selfish, self-medication.  The little ones, conceived in sin are under both His wrath, indeed, but may be dealt with according to His sovereign grace (for which we may pray!).  But the manner of His dispersal of that grace may not be presumed.  It may be hoped for according to the hopes of each one who hopes in Him.  But let not such dreamed assurances lead us to presume upon His particular mercies and assume that each aborted child is dispatched thereby to heaven.

By such folly in thought one might assume it good that every Christian following baptism ought to long for, even seek to be dispatched to glory.   

Our proper mindset is to be pleased with the place He is pleased to place us – living here for Him or dying and flying off to be with Him there.

13 Oct., 2020

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