Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Unabashed Anti-abortionist Says . . .

7 May, 2019

Having recently undergone a reunion of fellowship (a covert meeting, maybe!) with an anti-abort ex-con, I offer the following meditation:

The Unabashed Ant-abortionist Says . . .

Since we affirm the humanity of the womb child in earnest, we defend that action taken to defend him – peaceful or otherwise.  Indeed, he may be defended by any means necessary.  He is a child, created in the image of God and worth of protection by the use of force – lethal or non-.

The pussies or false teachers who denounce the use of force may as well tuck their tails and run from the discussion now.  In due time they will be shamed thoroughly as the truth dawns upon the pagan masses.  (Indeed, pagan, Spiritless people, can understand truth even as they reject THE Truth along the Way and the Life.)  It is the sin nature which blinds people and disables them from apprehending the Truth.  And it is that same sin-ridden  condition which muddles their judgment even while masquerading under the name of “moderation” and “patience” and “toleration.”

It is the sin nature which prevents the otherwise wise teachers of the Word to affirm and proclaim the truth – that every child – in the womb or outside of it –  is worthy of protection by whatever means necessary – forceful or weak. 

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