Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

On the Mueller Report and its Irrelevance

3 May, 2019


It does not matter that  “the Mueller report provides abundant evidence that the president attempted to obstruct justice and abused his power.” 

Trump is resisting the evils of a disgusting pro-abort, sodomite culture.  A “lie” regarding efforts to avoid fed investigation of election fraud is a peccadillo compared to enduring evil which is that political posture which sustains the enduring baby-killing American regime.  This regime must be corrected or replaced by any means necessary.  More power to any politician pursuing this goal!

By regime, vis-a-vis the unborn, I refer to this disgusting reign of terror since 1973. Whether or not such concerns are foremost in his mind, Trump is functioning as an assailant upon this decadent nation’s sin as it stands evermore in need of utter re-orientation.   He could be rougher, cruder, less polished.  Getting the job done counts above any foible over which one might wish to fret.

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