Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Jayne Bray

Battered by the U.S. Government, NOW, and PP
But Unbowed

7 May, 2019

Jayne Bray has long suffered for righteousness’ sake.

When her husband lost is job on a church staff in 1984 for exposing the then-American Lutheran Church apostasy, she had to tighten the belt of the family as Reformation Lutheran Church was born.  When her husband went to jail for 4 years in behalf of children of the womb, she shouldered the burden of caring for her family.  And with a vision toward encouraging the newly established “rescue movement” (blockades at abortuaries), she assisted church member Kip Gannett locally with Project Rescue and Randall Terry et al nationally with Operation Rescue.   

From the foundation of the Bowie Crisis Pregnancy Center in 1982 for the next 15 years she volunteered as a counselor. (Upon relocating to Wilmington, Ohio, she was rejected from volunteering to serve on the Board of the local Women’s Center because of her husband’s anti-abortion felony.  Might bring disrepute upon a “prolife” organization.)  NOW seized $5,000 from her children’s bank account and may still take another $10,000 plus interest in fulfillment of lawyers’ fees following an injunction against her.  She had her possessions plundered and her house seized by U.S. marshals on 1 Oct., 2007 in partial fulfillment of a $1million judgment  debt owed PP by her husband. 

(Noteworthy is the fact that she has received no praise from such alleged woman-praising organizations like the National Organization for Women.  (Hmm.  Wonder why. . . )  But neither have any Christian women’s organizations acknowledged her excellent example and wooed her to speak at any of their special “events.”

Along with such activist activities, Jayne Bray reared those eleven children (with the help of her husband both near and far).  And they have turned out just fine:  husbands-in-law,  daughter-in-law, and daughters and sons are successful doctors, military men, FBI agent, teachers, ecclesiastics,  or business men.  (Only one is slacking in the Faith.)

But she knows she is kickin’ devil ass and is cool with all this harassment from the feds.  And we look forward to the fall of Planned Parenthood.  (How happy we were to see the Unplanned movie come out in 2018 exposing PP and their greedy, flagrantly-baby-killing enterprise!  Yet, even the film’s hero, Abby Johnson, and producers distanced themselves from any support of “violence” against either abortuaries or the murderers who work there!)   However, such shunning of defenders of the innocents is a contradiction of their own testimony.  They mix up their message and make themselves into noisy gongs.  Anyway . . . it was, nevertheless, a good movie inasmuch as the simplest truth was published – the wanton slaughter of innocent and helpless children by abortion.

Sometime in the middle of this century, Jayne will get her due and her great, great grandchildren will enjoy watching her story on the big screen.

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