Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Save the Babies!

30 Oct., 2018

“Where have all the children gone?”  So pondered Randy Riley (WNJ, 29 Oct., 2018).  Randy Riley wants us to “Vote yes on the Children Services Levy.”   Hmm.  Is there another way to take care of these children other than raising taxes?

Take them out of pagan homes and let them be reared by Christians.  Back in the day when pagans had no access to children’s services, they would cast them off, leaving them to be “exposed” to the “elements” – weather, animals, or the swifter death by burial alive.  Christians were well known among the Romans for gathering up such unwanted beings whom they valued as creatures created in the imago Dei – the image of God, indeed, beings above the animals created, not by Him not evolved from other animals – created by Him in His very likeness.

Now, we moderns have the more covert and civilized method of disposing of the unwanted, known coarsely as “abortion” and euphemistically as reproductive “choice.”  We allow this because we have rejected the doctrine of the “sanctify of human life” as distinct from all other “animal” life.

Restore reverence for the sanctity of human life.  Outlaw abortion in our town.   To hell with the rest of the country.


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