Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The SCOTUS Cabal

27 Oct., 2018

How is that that a “free people” are so base as to submit for 44 years to a Satanic decree issued by a band of Lawless modernists?  And yet, we witness this decrepit nationwide genuflection to those Men (and woman of recent) in Black who issue edicts “from the bench” overturning Law and the morality of the nation.

Why?  Because we are a “nation of laws”?  What does that mean?  We call ourselves a nation of laws when we permit the Godless, Lawless murder of innocents for nigh on two generations?   We are no such things.  We are barbarians, peacefully complying with savage dictators who ravage the lives of the innocents in the name as “liberation” “choice” and “freedom.”  The modernist cult leaders have preached countless sermons on personal “freedom” for women through the deaths of the innocents.

And like all liars, they don’t produce what they promise.  Crushing national debt with no tax payers to pay it off.  (Got to look to immigration to rebuild the tax base.  Open those borders to replace the babies we butchered!  No wait.  They might take our jobs!  Oh, but jobs depend upon enterprise and enterprise depends upon consumers and . . . well, we done killed off the consumers.)

Oh, my but it gets confusing when an person or a nation goes Godless!

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