Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

SCOTUS the Mad Man

The darling of the damned must be dethroned.

It is not the Lawgiver.  But it has functioned as the Law Blasphemer, the Destroyer of National Justice, the Suborner of Morality.  More egregiously yet, it is the purveyor of the national, even world holocaust as the highest court of the most influential nation in the world.  SCOTUS has served as the primary institution from which the spread of abortion throughout the civilized world was launched.  It is the darling of the Left, the provider of abortionists, the desecrator of holy marriage.

SCOTUS decriminalized abortion in 1973 with Roe v. Wade overthrowing the laws of all fifty states of the union.  This action permitted the nation to shed innocent blood and invite the judgment of God It decriminalized sodomy via Bowers v Hardwick, 478 US 186, 189 (1986) and Lawrence v Texas, 539 US 558 (2003) overthrowing laws which also had protected the people from moral degradation and divine judgment.

Not only did these actions aid in the demoralization of this nation, but they influenced other nations who look to our leadership in the civilized, modern world.  Rather than lead morally, we have influenced other nations to follow a bad example and have opened the door of death for their citizens.

Why does a nation of Christians continue to sit idly by as a cabal of judicial thugs assault the citizenry with death and perversion decrees?

Dereliction of duty is the only reply.  We are no better than the Viche French who abided the Nazi hegemony.  We allow, as though powerless, SCOTUS to rule is as if it were our dictator.  Why does any governor of any state submit to its decrees and allow his states laws to be ripped up by the SCOTUS thug?

We look down upon those compliant Germans who sat idly by under the dominion of a mad man.  Huh!  Is SCOTUS no less of a Mad Man?!

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