Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


8 Sept.. 2018

Society for Kicking the Asses of Anti-Trumpists

The nation is in need of the formation of SKAATs in every town.  The increased volubility of puerile punks, foul-mouthed fools, and generally derelict Democrats has reached an intolerably irritating high.  As recently displayed in the national news during various political events,  when matters do not favor the yearnings of the Left, “activists” (supporting the Democratic party) have turned to various forms of violence.

Unwilling, if  not unable, to control their emotions, their behavior takes them to unseemly juvenile antics.  Such fits if incontinence, it is fair to assume, would have been cured had they been corrected by blows from a wise and diligent parent – as has always been the case in civilized, Christian cultures.  But our age of rampant divorce, abortion, broken families, and the attendant dereliction in good parenting has left us with the current puerile and fitful “participation” in the political discourse process.

There is a simple Bible principle which may inspire the establishment of these societies nationwide.  It is quite popularly known by the aphorism:  “Spare the rod; spoil the child.”  But the wisdom does hearkens back to the text in the book of Proverbs: “A rod for the back of fools.”  Yes, the human spirit is corrupt, selfish, and utterly stubborn.  And there are those children and those particular situations  for which the remedy is simply a sound thrashing.

The establishment of nationwide chapters of SKAAT would promote and provide such a remedy.  Societies would organize a stick-carrying presence of members who would maintain the civil discourse and allow us to maintain the robust discourse which must accompany the deliberations of a free people under Law.  Indeed, as our anthem declares, our Good is crowned in brotherhood and our liberty in Law.   Ultimately that Law must be identified as the Big Ten which prohibit blasphemy and murder.   We must never reject the divine origin of Law and that foundational to any civilized society is the right to life.  The life of innocents, especially the most innocent of all – children in the womb – is sacred.  And without the protection of the least of these, none are safe.


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