Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

A Christian Democrat?

30 January, 2018

It’s true i!  In times past that would have been a “narrow minded” and foolishly “partisan” slur.

Not any more.   In 2018 it is Right On.

As Micaiah Bilger writes in Lifenews (30 Jan, 2018):

“Just three Democrats in the U.S. Senate supported a bill on Monday that would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks when unborn babies are capable of feeling pain.”

(see http://www.lifenews.com/2018/01/30/all-but-three-democrats-voted-to-allow-unlimited-abortions-up-to-birth/).

Uh . . . Got to say that again to all you American, tax-paying, baby-murder-funding citizens: just three DEMOCRAT U.S. Senators voted to prohibit the butchering of babies at 20 weeks in the womb;  these babies are quite capable of feeling pain.   That is a party gone to hell.

Well, fellow Christians, in this disgraced, polluted, disgusting country, how about we make it clear to each other this truth:  “You cannot be a Christian and be a Democrat.”  Christians do not cavort with, socialize with, nor maintain the fellowship with those who defend murder.  And that is what the Democratic Party does by what it publicly and clearly affirms and advocates under the cover euphemistically named “abortion rights.”

Can I get a witness?

To reiterate and clarify matters:  It is not as absurd as it might appear.  Certainly the follower of Jesus must associate with a raw heathen in the bush whom he is attempting to convert from pagan indiscretions.  But once the brute is converted and civilized, his manners are improved as he conforms his life to the Law and is both willing and able to discriminate between Right and Wrong.   In that state, the convert  is expected to mind the Rules and live civilly on pain of censure, punishment, or banishment.   And the Christian associates with the convert as the latter grows in faith and lives as member of the Christian family.

The civil laws of Christian society uphold our “one nation under God” – that God whose name we invoke as we swear men into offices of authority.  But there is a renegade party among us which rejects the Law and the fundamental doctrine around which all laws are oriented, the Right to Life.  The Right to Life forbids murder (not capital punishment).  It forbids and execrates the murder of innocents:  “Thou shall do no murder.”   They have apostatized from a basic Truth which we hold to be self-evident, again, the Right to Life.  That party is the Democrats (DNC).

Now how do we play that out with due honesty, integrity, and discipline?  We make it clear to our members that it is sin to support and participate with those who advocate and uphold evil.  We have no fellowship with darkness.  We simply excommunicate any members who identity as Democrats just as we would do the same for members who were advocates of racism, theft, or  adultery as well the false teaching of Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Ku Klux Klan.  We would call that teaching false and execrate those who advocated the same.

What hesitation is there in calling out the Democratic party and inveighing against it?   What prevents excommunication for heresy regarding those Church members who continue in this sin?

I hope that it is not merely the fiduciary matter of avoiding “political issues” in order o maintain a “tax exempt status.”

To give up the proclamation of truth for the sake of peace and prosperity would be a scandal, indeed.

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