Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The False Teaching of Evangelists

25 January, 2018

We are given the impression by the preaching of some “evangelists” that the Almighty is waiting for sinners to come to Him.  He is calling out, pleading, hoping anxiously,  anticipating the decision of the sinner to come to Him.  Oh, and how happy He is when a sinner chooses to turn from the bondage of sin and free himself, by his own wonderful choice, to choose Jesus and be saved!  Wonderful surprise!  How happy He is that the sinner chose to receive his offer of grace and forgiveness!

This is false teaching concerning the God of the Scriptures who knows all things even before they happen.

There is a general Biblical proclamation to the world, the “kerygma,” the declaration  that Jesus is God in the flesh, the Messiah, the Lord of all, the Savior of some, and the Ruler and Omniscient Judge of all.   The preaching of the Gospel is just that, a proclamation;  not so much an “invitation.”  Yes, the process of proclamation from His messengers includes discussion and argumentation.  That is part of the communication in a fallen world.  But that process does not frustrate the fact that the sovereign God will save His own, known as “the elect,” according to His own purposes which include the method known as “preaching.”

He will save “Israel,” even as He defines Israel not as the world may ethnically identify it, but as His own chosen people from all nations.  Indeed, He opens his focus from national Israel of old  to the “all the nations” with the coming of the Messiah.

The reason for this diatribe is not simply to correct false teaching but to address its insidious results.  This doctrine has produced some bad fruit:  the diminution of effort to foster holiness in God’s elect in deference to the goal of attracting the interest and currying the favor of pagans to “convert” and join the church.   Rather, the message of the Jesus and the apostles is a call to the sheep to salvation (which includes holiness).   The experience is a one of moral (and political as it extends to the culture over which the Messiah has authority) transformation.

Christians (and their churches) are to call for moral and political alignment with His Law (per government, morality, and social behavior as well as personal piety).

Jesus is not ignorant concerning the identity of His sheep.  He knows who will follow Him and who will not!  The calls, nevertheless, all people and all nations to bow before Him whether they want to or not.  And that is their destiny whether they like it or not.   Every knee will bow.   The knee of the poor man, the rich man; the king, and the dope addict.  Every president, every judge, and every Democrat will bow before being judged and sent off the be punished for their haughty disregard of the real President, King, and Savior.

Goal and Solution

To develop in each town seven churches (even small churches of, say forty people each!) who are mature and militant in their proclamation of the KOG and the reign of Christ.  They believe and proclaim that He is the only legitimate ruler in the world to whom all earthly powers are called into submission.  His Law is king!  This is our message from those who proclaim Him Lord.  Let those churches in each city arise and say soThere is no legitimate law which contradicts His Law!  Let Truth, Morality, and Justice be lifted up and proclaimed by the faithful followers of the “Author and Finisher” of the Faith (Heb. 12:2).

What are we waiting for?  If He is “waiting” for us, it is not that we get saved, but that we who are will get down to the work of advancing the Kingdom of God for which Jesus prayed:  “Thy will be done on earth. . . !”


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