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Education, Indeed! Show the Truth!

1 Feb., 2018

On 1 October of 1981 an article appeared in the Washington Post: “Abortion Foe Pushes Film For Schools.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/local/1981/10/01/abortion-foe-pushes-film-for-schools/22c340b3-1bb7-42f3-b855-6577fd609d4e/?utm_term=.e7883d2c6041

It began:

Michael Bray, a church worker in Bowie who says he is supported by 10 Bowie pastors, wants the film shown in all the county’s public schools. He said all students should see it at “just about the same age the kids are having abortions: 12 and up, sometimes lower. You might as well let them know.”

Of course.  Do schools not educate children liberally on everything that is going on in the world –  the news here or there or latest in “alternate life styles” or other euphemistic reports on sexual perversion (rather, “choice” or “orientation”)?  Why would teachers not want to educate students on that “procedure” which is “performed” on so many of their piers so commonly?

But, the report continued:

The evaluation committee turned down Bray’s request, as did the assistant superintendent for instruction and pupil services, Robert J. Shockley. Last week, Bray sent a written appeal to Prince George’s Superintendent Edward J. Feeney and said he will bring his case to the school board, if Feeney rejects the film, and on to the state board of education and the courts, if necessary.

County school spokesman Brian J. Porter said no formal appeal process exists for applications such as Bray’s. Feeney will seriously consider the request, he said, but added that the decisions made by the evaluation team and by Shockley would serve as “a very strong recommendation” for the film’s rejection.

And it was effective!  There was evidence that by showing students the truth, they were choosing life over death:

While no schools in the Washington area show the film now, “Assignment Life” has been shown to about 5,000 girls in Alabama schools and colleges, according to Dale Cutlip, staff director of the Wales Goebel Ministries Inc. in Birmingham. Cutlip said his organization has been going into public schools and asking principals if they can show the film.

“We ask for a show of hands after each showing,” he said. “There’s a real change of heart.” He said in most cases about 75 percent of those who have seen the film indicate they have changed their minds about abortion.

That was Alabama.  In Maryland,  they didn’t have the chutzpah or integrity then to SHOW THE TRUTH.   And they surely still lack the same today.  No will;  no guts.  But how they do hide a lot of guts indeed . . .  now, don’t they?  (How many million babies’ parts (and counting) is it now?  Or are we at the billion mark yet?  The film simply showed the truth.  Real news.  Real facts as the Post relates:

The film includes large color photographs of aborted and mangled fetuses, and a large plastic bag filled with fetuses. Two abortions are performed on camera. After one, a nurse holds the hand of a fetus lying on a bloody sheet and manipulates its fingers.

Too much unpleasant reality for students.  Might cause some trauma, especially to parents who might have coerced their children.

The school evaluation team decided it was too disturbing for students. “You’re looking at a little human so it’s a powerful thing,” said Fenton, supervisor of health services in the schools. “But in a classroom setting, we have to consider the fact that some of the students may have already had abortions.” The film could provoke a “traumatic response,” she said.

How long?

It was a strange thing in a land where education is presumed to be about discovering the truth.  And certainly citizens ought to know something about this simple little truth, this “procedure,” which is “performed” on millions of the nation’s young women (and, dare I say, very young “girls”).

Strange it is in a land where we have such free access to . . . everything, especially on the internet.  And yet I can’t even find a thing on that film, “Assignment Life,” or it’s abridged version, “A Matter of Choice,” which was produced in the mid 1980s.

I will say that I recently observed that fear of offending with pictures of the truth even from our own side of the “debate.”  While marching with our youngest at the annual March for Life this year (2018), a church leader – I won’t say whether pastor or priest – cautioned me and an assistant, a monk friend of mine, against holding my huge photo of a child (butchered by abortion) in such a way as to disturb the children who were enjoying the “March for Life.”

Indeed, it is difficult to foster an interest in arguing for truth when disputants withdraw from even permitting people to look upon in order to help them take stock of just what is being discussed.  The butchering of babies is an “occurrence” which has “occurred” in  “clinics” some 60 million times since 1973.

Strange that one never hears an objection to showing pictures of dead Jews in order to evoke a sense of outrage over long-past Jewish “Holocaust.”  But we are advised against showing pictures of dead babies produced by the current, daily, and no-end-in-sight American Holocaust.

We are some sick puppies.  What a nation of drunken derelicts!  Drunk on peace and security – for the born.

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