Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

February, 2021

A Tuesday Meditation

Why Tolerate Democrats? “Science will always be at the forefront of my administration,” says Biden.  Thanks POTUS Joe.  You da man! TONY LAUINGER writing for Life News on  Feb 9, 2021  had this report on the progress of the Biden administration: Dr. Anthony Fauci, “America’s doctor,” is a close Biden advisor. Tragically, this respected physician, […]

Those Temptations Crooned

Blithesomely crooned those Temptations “Two children, maybe three.” Or is it just my imagination? Have we not murdered millions To keep from getting four or more? That was a sick message unknown To those who were there to croon And sing those tunes that tickle, While the flow of blood is past a trickle.Yeah, it […]

Gotta Gird Dose Loins

Judges 6:16 (To be performed with vigorous rap enthusiasm and style) Got to gird those loins, boys! Gird ’em with the Word o’ Truth. Yeah you got to get ’em on up, Up on out o’ the way. Said you gotta make way for the day! Gideon gonna beat up on Midian, Gonna whip him […]

Missing the Right Road

He was a good deeds doer Of principles, a connoisseur, But just couldn’t get it right With friends and neighbors in a fight! In pursuit of his own pleasure, He overlooked that one true treasure: Wife and friends and church. Got himself stuck in a lurch! Where would he go in the end, No children […]

Been 50 Years

Been 50 years since I Left that Academy, And ’twas good to see Tom A fellow plebe back in the day. We had plenty to say, Thinking about what was then And what is now and when All is past what will last. A swimmer, a wrestler, and a player Of the game on the […]

Februation Scandal

We’ve entered the month of februation That scandalous time of our past When children were burned on the altar Appeasing those gods of the devil. Remember those dark days of yore! Bring a picture right to the fore! Take a stride by your nearest abortuary, “Freedom extol! And make merry!” O yes, ladies, you get […]

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