Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Gotta Gird Dose Loins

Judges 6:16
(To be performed with vigorous rap enthusiasm and style)

Got to gird those loins, boys!
Gird ’em with the Word o’ Truth.
Yeah you got to get ’em on up,
Up on out o’ the way.
Said you gotta make way for the day!
Gideon gonna beat up on Midian,
Gonna whip him like he nothin’ but one.
But he say he need a sign!
(Yeah, he wanna cry an’ whine.)
Said, “I got an offerin’ t’ bring
And if you want, I can sing!”
Stuck’em with an awl – Jerubbaal
Get ’em Gideon! Make ’em howl!
Down they came on one another
Fightin’ like a sister and a brother
Oh it was rough!  Don’t cha see?
Spankin’ good: one, two, three!

8 Feb., 2021

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