Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Grand Jury in Norfolk and a Rat Named Rick

The following Grand Jury report appeared in the Spring, 1996 issue of Capitol Area Christian News.

Grand Jury in Norfolk and a Rat Named Rick –

The feds, having plundered the lives of decent citizens (including the two month jailing of Cheryl Richardson), have moved on to Norfolk. Janet Waco Reno’s Task Force for the Preservation of Abortionists is bound and determined to come up with at least one scalp to save face after spending millions in the service of carping NOWists, harpies, and other manipulators of Bill Puppet. So they high-tailed it out of Alexandria and threw a few more women into jail for “contempt” at the first hearing in Norfolk on 28 February. Carol McAdoo got out after a week, promising to answer questions. Powell stayed in for a month until she agreed to speak at the 25 March hearing.

Janet’s jackals, having spent about $5 million, are hot on the case of a $500 act of “vandalism” against an abortuary which was under construction in Norfolk in May of 1995. The Jackals finally issued two indictments on 26 March. Clark Ryan Martin, a 24-year-old political science major at Old Dominion University, who is expecting his first child (via the old-fashioned, heterosexual, monogamous style) by April. The other is Jennifer Sperle who had relocated to Wichita last year. She is a pregnant mother of three. Both defendants share certain abnormal and criminal characteristics: a serious distaste for the killing of small children.

Apparently Janet’s jackals used the Benedictine (not as in the monks) services of one Rick Thomas. This fellow has served as a body guard to ACLA Director Dave Crane to protect him from pro-aborts who have threatened him. When Thomas attended the White Rose Banquet with Dave he even relieved Jayne Bray at the registration table, collecting tickets and some money. He worked as an electrician as well as a quality control man for a paving company, and he was married to anti-abortion activist Shawnell Thomas. Must have been more money in the government informant business.

Mrs. Thomas was devastated by the news of her husband’s conspiracy with the FBI when he told her about his collaboration with Janet’s jackals to entrap her fellow abortion opponents. The couple had not been too close in recent years. But Mrs. Thomas was under the impression that her husband was actually a fan of those who use force to defend the innocent. Truly nauseating news.

So what kind of a life does a traitor have? What kind of fellowship is Judas enjoying? Certainly his 30 pieces of silver brought him no piece of mind. Likewise, a lost man like Mr. Thomas cannot be deriving any pleasure real pleasure from the million bucks he must have been paid by our own baby-killing federal government over the past two years. Does he imagine he will make his bride happy with a trip to the Bahamas or a new house? When he told his wife about his deeds while indictments were being issued, he prefaced his story with, “This is going to make you love me or hate me.”

Does he expect a godly woman to love him?

Mr. Thomas has helped Janet’s Jackals charge Mr. Martin with 20 years worth of crimes and $250,000 each in fines. Yep. Like the inverse of an artistic tax avoiding accountant, prosecutors like to find the loops, not the holes. He is threatening with the “Hobbs Act” along with basic arson and FACE charges to pressure with more jail time. And with this leverage he still hopes to get that conspiracy, to string up a few more. Gonna make that Tank Lady smile.

Mr. Thomas is not just a regular pagan like inquisitor in chief Thomas Burrows. He professes to be a Christian. What is he to do with the guilt he will surely feel for delivering his brothers and sisters into the hands of Janet Nero? Maybe he will find relief the way Judas did. But what if God is merciful and grants him a spirit of repentance? What does he do then? He must make restitution. He must declare that he is a perjurer and has lied against his brothers and sisters. That is the fruit of repentance for his salvation.

Grand jury hearings past –

The 19 December hearing in Alexandria featured only Denise Billings, to our knowledge. (There may have been others brought secretly into the star chamber.) Mrs. Billings signed the Defensive Action statement, helped organize OR’s Summer of Mercy in Wichita, and formerly hosted a local radio show. She was denied legal assistance from John Whitehead’s Ghandi Institute when they learned that she was on the JH side of the abortion prevention issue.

Three hours of questions went primarily to the subjects of your editor, ACLA Director, Dave Crane, and Houston resident John Witte. Particulars included: “Got any books on doing damage to places?”; “Ever read Bray’s book, “When Bricks Bleed’?”; “Do you believe in the use of defensive force?”

Outside waiting for the victim were Bob Jewett (OR publicist), Mahatmahony, Jim Rudd, Jack Humphries, and Revs. Bray and Colvin along with their wives (one each). While waiting for Diane, we were treated to a brief view of Cheryl Richardson in chains as she was brought again to the judge for another chance to talk to the prosecutors.

The last hearing in Alexandria on 23 January featured Rev. Bob Lewis of West Chester, Pennsylvania, Andrew Cabot of the Live Free or Die state, Tom Washburn of sic semper tyrannis Virginia, and Fr. Anthony Nelson of Oklahoma City.

Fr. Anthony Nelson, a Russian Orthodox priest, presented himself robed with vestments and customary long hair and beard. He also brought along a well-behaved 11-year-old son, and he came prepared to visit other Orthodox clergy in the area. While waiting in a cafeteria in the new federal courthouse, your editor was watching the owners of the eatery, a Greek woman and her daughters. It was a pleasure on the part of this Lutheran pastor/editor to observe the respect shown the priest by this pious Greek Orthodox family. When they saw the priest come into the cafeteria, they greeted him. He stretched out his hand, and they each took it and kissed it in turn. Ensuing conversation revealed that one of their clergy relatives had taught Fr. Anthony in seminary. A lovely visit so far.

Fr. Anthony is an excellent priest. He heads up Oklahoma PLAN in OK City, and he has been a familiar sight on the street in front of local abortuaries. It was at a PLAN convention in OK City a few years ago that your editor met Fr. Anthony. This and the fact that he is a good priest would naturally lead the feds to suspect him of taking an active role in defending the innocent.

Perhaps it was the weariness of traveling or maybe the fatigue, which comes from the bothersome nagging by federal investigators. Your editor was not able to witness the conversation of those in the secluded waiting room. In this new courthouse on Mill Road (unlike the old one on Washington St.), only subpoenaed witnesses were permitted to wait in a room outside the jury room. We spectators, including Jack Humphries and Jim Rudd, had to stay in the cafeteria. But as Andrew Cabot tells it, Fr. Anthony was casually (and flippantly) approached by prosecutor Kevin Forder with “I assume by your dress that you are a clergyman” and then “Do you have any confessions to make before you go in?” The articulate and normally jovial Fr. Anthony lifted up his countenance and said frankly unto him: “You’re an asshole.”

Hmm. Maybe the priest ought to have said, “Thou art . . .” Otherwise, it seemed to those in attendance that the response was highly appropriate.

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