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Dave Leach Fired for Reprinting AOG “Manual”

Capitol Area Christian News
Spring, 1996

Dave Leach fired for reprinting AOG “manual”

That most excellent piece of literature has sure got folks stirred up. (See our book review of the work in the winter, 1994 issue of CACN.) The anonymous book has been suppressed by VAAPCON (a.k.a. Reno’s Task Force for the Preservation of Abortionists)’s ongoing inquisition. Copies are regularly subpoenaed and confiscated so that it is nigh unto impossible for a regular person to procure one for his own pleasure reading.

In that book review we also mulled over the possibility of reprinting the book and making it available to you deprived citizens. Well, we just didn’t get to it. But the Lord raised up another; Dave Leach published the whole pamphlet in his January issue of Prayer and Action News! What a service! A citizen can send Dave $25.00 for a subscription and get the coveted “manual” for free! (This is a deal you won’t find in your local Christian book store, so give thanks and send in your order now before Reno blows Dave’s house up. P & A News, 137 E. Leach Ave., Des Moines, IA 50315.)

Readers may be unfamiliar with Mr. Leach. We are happy to devote a few lines of introduction. Dave Leach was publishing letters from John Brockhoeft before the Parole Commission gagged him upon his release from prison. Brockhoeft elected to abide under draconian conditions for parole (by which he was commanded to terminate all contact with prolifers and prolife publications! He was also directed to fire his attorney, Michael Hirsh!). His alternative was to remain in prison for a few more years until the expiration of his sentence. Leach has continued with his monthly magazine, but without the tantalizing articles from Brockhoeft. (We hope John is still alive somewhere and that the U.S. Parole Commission will rescind its totalitarian claims upon a paroled prisoner who has already served twice the time a regular criminal arsonist spends in jail.)

Dave Leach has long been a political activist; he ran three campaigns for state representative and has served on the county Central Committee of the Republican Party. He has operated his own cable TV show on which Capitol Hill guests have appeared. More recently, Mr. Leach had gained employment as a reporter with the local Ankena Today. But his publishing of the pamphlet, “When it Hurts . . . Call the Army of God,” drew a frenzied outcry from local TV 13:

[Female anchor] “Good evening. Some Central Iowans call David Leach a terrorist.”

[Ed. note] And some Central Iowans call some news anchors “infobabes” and “fagophiles.”

The Des Moines Register (9 Feb.) responded with more integrity, even reprinting excerpts of the pamphlet. The publisher of Ankeny Today, Jonathan Narcisse, disgraced himself and journalism by firing Mr. Leach.

The fact is that Leach printed the pamphlet in reaction to the suppression of this literature by the federal government’s task force (VAAPCON) which continues to hound and intimidate any who might have possessed the pamphlet. The material contained in the pamphlet has been available for years from books published by companies like Paladin Press in Boulder; Loompanics Unlimited in Port Townsend, WA; Minuteman Publications in Hurst, TX; and Butokukai in Cornville, AZ. No one attempted to censor this kind of material when the leftist Weathermen were blowing up buildings in the ’60s. There were no VAAPCON task forces throwing citizens in jail for refusing to accommodate the government’s pursuit of dissenters.

So Mr. Leach merely publishes a pamphlet in reaction to its suppression by Reno’s Justice Department and he loses his job as a journalist. Where is “tolerance” for non-PC speech?

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