Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

All the Way

“Write it down, sir, for Jayne” (says from Tobra, the author, an anti-abortion associate for many-a year now).
To the tune of song, “Johnny Reb” by Johnny Horton.

You fought all the way
Michael Bray Michael Bray 
You fought all the way.
When the feds came calling
You didn’t run bawling 
You fought all the way,
Michael Bray Michael Bray 

(Flattered, of course, but not too “humble” to decline to publish this piece from Tobra, an anti-abortion associate for many-a year now, there you are. Maybe someone will employ her poetic skills (or be inspired by her exhortation?). Principle here: Don’t comply with authorities when they are on a path of evil – whether it be “manstealing” (abduction) or “servitude” (slavery) or “reproductive health” (child-murder by abortion). Authorities which contradict the Law of God are unfit for our obedience. Thanks, Tobra, for the patriotic and moral exhortation for all. (I don’t know the tune! Sorry.)

27 March, 2023

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