Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Pointed to the Father

Truth be told, I’m a piece o’ sh-sh-sh-
Ain’t no lie; the whole truth about it!
Gotta a nature deserving of death
All wrapped up in a singular person.
No one else to blame for my ways
As I go about my darkness and sways.
Selfish and well-centered on myself,
I put people aside and His Law on the shelf.
His Spirit pulls me away from my selfish self
And points me to His holy Perfection,
That One who made us and rules on high
Above all the din and in glorious light
Together with the Son who came to earth
To save sinners before and after their birth.
From yet another MW I am returned;
Yes walking about this tired town.
Many-a child has walked the streets
And many-an adult as well,
Hopefully in prayerful consideration
Of those gates to heaven to enter.
There is that alternative course
By which many have been tantalized,
But the promise is an empty one
Leaving the soul worse than dry,
Parched and scorched and in misery
Where the torment of lamentation
Over severance from the One and True:
The One who died for me and for you.
Make it now, that decision over due,
Lest all be finished and your life be through.

*Mellow Walk. (Why not?)

1252 on 27 March, 2023

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