Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Our Muslim Friends and the Law of God

Michael Bray
January, 2006

Our Muslim friends may be paving the way for the Law of Christ. They offer an alternative to atheist, secularist, so-called “religiously neutral” governments of modern times. Such can never retain the respect of the people and must give way to a government which establishes laws derived from revelation from a god. It is such a foundation for government and ethics that provides for a true nationalism. And if that nationalism is undergirded by Christian law and culture specifically, all the more healthy is the society because it is grounded in Truth and Justice. Those principles are defined by the Laws of Christ which are revealed in the Christian Scriptures. Such a nation of states were we when each state freely established its own form of Christianity without interference by the national government. Although this arrangement was guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment, it has been subverted incrementally by the actions of judicial rulings since the Fourteenth Amendment. In time the prohibitions of the First Amendment against the federal government were applied by judicial decree to the states. The states were “incorporated” into the prohibition against the “establishment of religion” and the First Amendment was applied against the states for whom it was never intended in the Constitution or the First Amendment.

The federal government, with its religiously silent Constitution was only to be neutral vis-à-vis the any particular brand of Christianity. In its historical context of an established variety of Christian denominations in the various states, the Constitution assumes the God of Christianity referenced in its precedent Declaration of Independence. And even at that, the God of Christianity has always been confessed by federal authorities. The true God as revealed in the Scriptures has been acknowledged ubiquitously, for example, by our money which declares our national trust in Him. Yes, and He is still acknowledged, even if only perfunctorily, in public oaths of office and official prayers in Congress and the Senate.

Comes now a curiosity – a twist from the new Muslim invasion which has been on the rise over the past few decades. They have not invaded post-Christian America by force of arms; that will not be necessary for the Islamization of a “religiously neutral” people. Americans who have forsaken their national God cannot be offended by advocates of a new god. It’s all about “freedom” – as if the colonial states were not free to discriminate against the worshippers of false gods and their witchcrafts.

Or can they take up offense? Yes, perhaps American citizens will awaken to the fact they have squandered an inheritance which is now being plundered. They were given a Christian culture with all its blessings of liberty in Law. Even as the anthem says: “Confirm thy good in brotherhood, thy liberty in law.” That law is not just any evolutionary law which judges decree from year to year. That law is God’s good eternal law as fulfilled and explicated by Christ.

Neutrality, then, is really a myth in dire need of a good debunking. No societies of history were godless, except for the recent effort by twentieth century Communism, particularly the decedent U.S.S.R with its constitutional “separation of church and state” (yes, that is how it was written by Lenin and company; our American Constitution makes no such statement). And when governments operate without static divine laws, preferring evolutionary standards, they degenerate for lack of enduring ethics and law. Who can respect of a law which has no permanence in Truth, but may be affirmed or denied every generation?

The Muslim invasion which we tolerate in our naïve effort to confess a neutrality religion – to Law and Truth as well? – may awaken us to revisit our national Christian roots. We were not multi-cultural if that means multi-religious. We were Protestant Christian at the outset. Our first Roman Catholic president was John Kennedy and it was noteworthy, for the reason of his particular brand of Christianity, that he ascended to the highest office in the federal government. But Kennedy, as a Roman Catholic, was a Christian, confessing the same triune God confessed by the Protestants.

Our Muslim chaps are another story. They deny the deity of Christ, rejecting the triune God and are, thus, followers of another god – like the Mormons, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Moonies, the Krishna Consciousness (ISCON) folks who used beg at the airports in the 70s, the Moonies (of Washington Times fame), and Jews (yes, these folks are in the same camp with their nemesis Muslims by this very basic criterion. Sorry Pat and Jerry, Israelis are not Israelites).

Every culture must choose – or re-choose in our case – its cult – its religion, its god. Upon awakening to the God of the Scriptures and grounding our laws in His Law, we shall find renewal, indeed, a true Renaissance. We can then proceed through a new Reformation, restoring for our children a truly just society. This we hope for should God forgive us our blood guilt for the millions of lives we have butchered before they have even seen the light of day.

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