Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

No Time for Rape in Arabia:

Another One Bites the Dust

Michael Bray
23 May 2002

The Saudi’s are illustrating the Almighty’s craft in bringing good out of evil. They executed yet another homosexual pervert on 18 May according to an AP report out of Riyadh on that date. On the auspicious first of January of this year, three sodomites were executed. As was reported in our last commentary (8 January, “Learning from our Muslim Friends”), “the Saudis duly executed three perverts – two Muhammads and an Ali according the AP report out of Riyadh.” The AP report of 1 January also noted: “The executions were the first this year in Saudi Arabia, where beheadings are public and done with a sword. Last year, at least 81 people were beheaded.”

To be sure, these folks are a bit medieval in their execution methods. “Executions are preformed in public with a sword,” report our AP folk. We do not know whether the Koran prescribes the sword to the exclusion of, say, the more humane guillotine or whether it is just the traditional style kept in place by force of nostalgia.

In any case, we long for such justice─the execution of capital criminals─and we marvel at our great God who brings good out of evil, order from chaos. Out of the evil of anti-Christ Islam comes the very Law of God regarding the just punishment for homosexuals. And out of the national chaos of 9-11 has come a reminder of moral order which a nation can find when it honors the God, the Refuge, in whom its money says it trusts.

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