Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Termination of Tiller (Brief Notes)

Michael Bray
29 October 2009

The killer of Tiller, Mike Hendricks opines (Kansas City Star, October 27, 2009), is a “common murderer.”

Well which one is the real bad guy? The murderer or the killer of the murderer?

The current tragedy in progress is the prosecution of him who rescued the children from the one who already killed 60,000. That count was given by the killer’s own boastful confession a few years ago.

The killing of an abortionist (a “doctor” so-called) is tragic. Were it not for the fact that he engaged in regularly slaughtering children, his death would be lamentable and justifiably mourned. His killer would properly be tried and executed. But as his death provided for the rescue of innocents from destruction, we find the termination of this unwanted abortionist to be a matter over which to rejoice.

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