Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Some Ironies of 1997

Excerpted from Capitol Area Christian News, Fall, 1997


Is was the 20th anniversary of Elvis’s death on 16 August, 1977. Among those fans present at the candlelight vigil outside Graceland were Sheryl (41) and Libby (43) from Baton Rouge. They say a visit there helps them “bond with other Elvis fans.” Yes, “It rejuvenates us for the rest of the year,” said Libby.

But it is anti-abortionists who hold prayer vigils outside houses of childslaughter who are the crazies.


In the Suffolk Superior Court on 22 October, Judge Carol Ball ordered adulterer David Smith to go to jail for 2 ½ years for plotting to murder his child by contracting an undercover policeman to shoot his mistress in the stomach (Boston Globe, 23 Oct.).

In the meantime, Shelley Shannon sits in a cramped state penitentiary (converted from a country jail), designed for short term detention), doing an aggregate 31 years for blowing up a few childslaugher houses and winging Tiller the Killer in his elbows with a small hand gun.

Abortionist Tiller, meanwhile, has been giving lectures at his abortuary to Kansas legislators informing them of the kindness of his service to women who suffer from the misery of carrying deformed children and decide belatedly to have them put to death.

Traci Karl in the AP report says that Tiller commits “about 3,000 abortions . . . each year, 200 to 250 of which are for fetal abnormalities” (7 Oct.)

Tiller specializes in killing the more developed babies, a deed known as “late-term abortion.” And he makes a kindly effort to sanitize his deeds and soothe consciences of those who contract him to commit the crime. Karl reports: “The family can choose to have the baby cremated at the clinic’s crematorium or have the baby buried. The mother can hold the dead baby after the procedure, have it baptized or take pictures of the family with the fetus, all to help her and relatives deal with the loss.”

Such a thoughtfully cold-blooded killer. We don’t know if he was advised by his pastor at the de facto apostate Reformation Lutheran Church (ELCA) or not.

He really is a nice guy. He reminds us of Pol Pot, who, in a recent interview – his first in more than 18 years – said to Nate Thayer, “You can look at me: Am I a savage person? My conscience is clear” (AP, 22 Oct).

Neither Tiller nor Pol Pot are savages in their own eyes. But only Tiller has the abortion-rights-loving American public fooled.

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