Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Truth Be Told

Truth be told,
“Your life ain’t worth a shit
Without the Lord Jesus,”
So best repent right quick
And turn it all around;
Only in Him may right life be found.
So get off your feeble crutches
And pick up that iron cross.
Run whole hog after the Boss!
A mighty fine holy Savior,
Help you get on your good behavior!
Don’t be drawn to left or right;
Keep that cross ever in your sight.
Thinkin’ ’bout a grandson, name o’ Credence
A boy that won’t sit on the fence.
Got a smile and some orneriness;
Gonna “rassle” and take somebody down,
Bringin’ honor and glory to his crown.
Keep on trekkin’ that rocky road,
Not lookin’ for another to take your load.
Got your duty you got to do;
Press on ’til your life is through

(0938 on 9 Sept, 2021)

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