Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Solomon Was Mad at Adonijah

(1 Kings 2:23f.)

Well Solomon was mad at Adonijah:
“The man has spoken his very own doom!”
Said, “Gonna put him down in a tomb!” (24)
So he sent Benaiah, the  son of Jehoiada
And he “fell on that man so that he died.” (25)
(Must have been a mighty hard fall, that’s all!)
The Solomon turned to the priest
A fellow by the name of Abiathar. (26)
Decided not to cut off his head,
Sent him out to a field instead. (26)
Said, “You not gonna die at this time; (26)
It just doesn’t go with my rhyme.
You see, you carried that ark for my dad
And suffered lots of things that were bad.”
So he fired that man from the job of priest;
His calling from the Lord had ceased. (29)
Now, the news came down to Joab,
Who had loyally followed Adonijah,
So he fled to the tent of the Lord, (29)
But Benaiah was sent to do him in,
And at the tent Benaiah said, “Come out!”
He said, “No!  I wanna die right here!” (30)
So Benaiah told the king that he said,
And the king said to do the man in!
“Bring his blood down on his own chin!”

0905 on 5 Sept., 2021

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