Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

A Letter from Prince Wade

[Date – Somewhere in our foggy minds where the past and future meet]

Most Reverend Bishop of Roe,

I write to you, good sir, on the matter of a merciful deed contemplated on behalf of those in deepest darkness.  There must, I believe, always be compassions extended to those walking in darkness. 

Accordingly, a new ministry in is the offing, even at the door of proposal.  Urgency now is required to give swiftly an answer to those in dire need of clarification as regards their personal sanctification as well as that of the world at large.  Directly, I must say, we concern ourselves with those who have lapsed into the greatest darkness while imagining themselves to be serving the highest good!   (It is, I know, an astonishing conundrum!)  But what, we pray, is to be done? 

We plead for your good counsel as to whether best to apply sword or fire.  Which, Your Grace, would you advise?  Shall we not rise up and have done with lesser things?  Think, then, of ways to reduce their after-life suffering.  Might we not terminate them early in this life by one means or another that they might not raise too mighty-a mountain – yea, an insuperable sum – of damn-worthy deeds?


Earnestly Active Monks of the Pro-life Order in the Spirit of Operation Rescue Exemplifying the Deeds of St. Paul Hill.

[28 May, 2021]

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