Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

“By Your Life” Said Uriah

2 Sam 11

“By your life and the life of my soul!”
Said Uriah solemnly to David,
“I will not do this thing! No way!
I can’t sleep with my wife today!
What would all my soldiers say?
They’re out in the field and in the cold
Fighting the enemy and staying bold.
Uriah’s my name and I’m in this game
No matter if I’m whole or lame!”
Well Bathsheba was the wife of this man.
Said David to himself, “I got to do what I can.
Some way I got to take this guy out!”
So he put him in front of the battle
Called the soldiers all to skedaddle.
He was left along and the spears came down
Struck him and stuck him to the ground.
David said, “Well it happens like that in war.
Some live, some die; it’s a chore.”
But the thing David did was bad.
Yeah, and he made the Lord quite mad.

1230 on 27 May, 2021

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