Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Nationalism and Abortion Intolerance

Nationalism, like family, is a principle, and a good, worth promoting and defending.  Both are blessings from God.  He ordained these social organizations.  And, yes, they change as people relocate or die.  The boundaries of nations also change from time to time. And so do the boundaries of families when new associations are formed in marriage and remarriage.  But all must be subject to His Law.

His Law provides for the unions in marriage regardless of race. And for His people, He commands that they marry with one another not on the basis of genetic race but on the basis of spiritual “race” or “family.”  His people must intermarry with one another and not with “outsiders.”   That is, Christians must marry Christians. 

And yet there is a provision for the occasion or process of conversion.  When, in a pagan marriage, one is converted to the Faith, he is directed by the Law of God to remain married to the unbeliever as long as the latter chooses to remain in the marriage bond.

Nations, then, like marriages, must be preserved at high cost.  They are not to be frivolously dismantled.  The bonds between stated must be maintained but for the most dire of circumstances (such as those leading to our own American Civil War).  Manstealing is a capital crime, the continued toleration of which under law could not be tolerated.

Abortion – the slaughter of innocent children –  is a capital crime, as was manstealing.  This murder may be regarding as a greater sin than manstealing and, therefore, more odious and provocative of war.

The failure to act against this most odious holocaust is nothing less than an additional sin of gross omission. 

What measures might be expedient to begin taking this duty seriously?

23 April, 2021

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